Back to School Party (For Alex and Sam)

Some of the things that we missed during childhood is to celebrate birthday at school so I organized a #BackToSchool birthday theme for my good friends Alex and Sam who both celebrated their birthday this July. Originally the plan was a slumber party but something’s came up so we changed the theme a week before. It’s one of the things I really enjoyed doing – organizing an event slash party so I’m thankful to my friends who trusted me.

Location was Primemont Science School – a private school in Marikina where Sam also teaches preschool kids. We used their room for our venue, it was perfect for the theme. Here are the pictures taken – credits to William and Sam, I just did minimal editing thru VSCO app.


I prepared for cupcakes with toppers that are suited to the theme. Example for this occasion I chose alphabet toppers – I just googled printable toppers and then cut it one by one. There are available cupcake toppers in the market but mostly for children’s party like fairy tale or superhero theme. I prefer personalize stuff like this. I used whattatops cupcakes here or you can also make one with frosting – it’s really up to you. This party is budget friendly. I also printed their picture as topper – see below picture. Sam and Alex were really surprised and they loved it!

2017-07-19 05.47.40 1.jpg
Happy birthday Alex!

2017-07-19 06.24.04 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.24.05 1.jpg

Next is the DIY candy corner, bought candies that we used to eat during our childhood days, these are still available up to now in the market. How nice it is, it brings back the memories! Do you agree?

2017-07-19 05.56.06 1.jpg
Only 80’s kids know these foods 😀

DIY photo booth – Sam prepared colorful crepe paper as backdrop then we brought props like shades and headband. Of course we have Instax too by Emzi.

2017-07-19 06.20.29 1.jpg


Classroom set up – I forgot to take picture because I’m so busy with other stuff but this is how the room looks like. We have tables and chairs (for kids) with small balloons.

2017-07-19 06.37.19 1.jpg

Games – we played #Guesstures we asked them to group into two. It’s like charades guys and of course another game was #BringMe we listed 10 items can be found in the room and gave them 2 minutes to complete them all. Btw Emzi and I hosted the program.

2017-07-19 06.43.46 1.jpg

Lunch – our foods were prepared by the celebrant and cakes were from KO, Brian and Flip

2017-07-19 06.34.49 1.jpg

Outfit – asked them to come with their school uniform. Meet the students

2017-07-17 02.17.22 1 (1).jpg

2017-07-19 06.24.03 1.jpg

2017-07-17 06.33.44 1.jpg


2017-07-17 09.49.13 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.03.20 1.jpg

2017-07-17 06.35.05 1.jpg

Class Picture.jpg
Class Picture ❤

2017-07-19 06.35.32 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.21.04 1.jpg
Happy birthday Sam and Alex from your IG family!

Thank you to these people who made the event possible. Thank you your time until our next celebration of life and friendship. xoxo


Celebrants: Alex and Sam

Date held: July 16, 2017

Venue: Primemont Science School, Parang Marikina

Guests: William, Gary, Gapz, Yoyce, Ivy, Emzi, Ron Villablanca, Lenz, Karl Olivier, Brian, Flip and Ron Marasigan, Daryl, Ken and me of course 😉