Romblon – The Marble Capital of the Philippines

Romblon is known as the marble capital of the Philippines. It is composed of three islands -Tablas Island the largest, Sibuyan Island where the Mt. Guiting Guiting is found and the smallest island the Romblon Romblon. I have completely visited MIMAROPA or Region 4-B (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan) yey!

How we got there:

We planned this trip last January and set the date to March 25-27. We took 2go travel going to Romblon, Romblon, please check the schedule here The prices vary on the type of accommodation. We got the cheapest one, the super value class (non aircon, no meal but with insurance) since it’s just an overnight trip from 10pm to 6am only.

We left Buendia Pasay terminal (via Ceres transport) at 2pm going to Batangas port, travel time is 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. Paid for terminal fee and ate the famous Batangas lomi while waiting for boarding at the back of departure area or terminal. You can ask around where it is located. You have to be at the port 3 hours before departure time. We then checked in and waited to be called for boarding.  We left Batangas port at exactly 10pm, here is our humble accommodation. Free linen but you have to ask for it just show your ticket and ID.


Nice diba?
Mandatory turista group shot using iPhone 7 plus! 

Kuya Dan fetched us in the port and took us to our resort 30 minutes away from the town. It was a quiet and relaxing place recommended by our friend Juniel who went there before us. The accommodation is P1,200 per night (kubo, fan room without breakfast) and guess what we are six in the group and got only one room lol.

Lamao Beach Resort – you may contact Ate Gina the caretaker at 0948-4138079 to reserve a room and contact driver for the tour and hatid-sundo. The staffs are very warm and accommodating, we were treated like princes and princesses. Highly recommended!

Lamao Beach Resort
The cheapest resort accommodation I had plus the magnificent view
So relaxing here
Oh how I miss this place ❤
Sunset is always beautiful wherever you are

Tiamban Beach – there’s an entrance fee of P40 for adults. We asked Ate Gina to prepare for our lunch here.

My cute Jojo – he loves to travel like me. Romblon is his 6th province since he arrived in the Phils how cool is that? hahaha
Tiamban beach 
Photo credits to idol Wil (IG: @willianism09)
On the way to Bonbon Beach – here’s my friend Ivy (IG: @herescape_) posing hehe
Paradise ❤
Can’t help falling in love ❤

Bonbon Beach – the easiest way to get here is already closed because it is private property so we had to go to Tiamban Beach and walk all the way here. It was all worth it the beach and sandbar is very beautiful and crystal clear water.

Photo by idol Wil
The sandbar  by idol wil ❤
Photo by Idol Wil 
IMG_5326 (1)-01.jpeg
Mandatory groupie shot by Kuya Dan our guide

Meanwhile, back in the resort.

Gopro shot by Idol Wil
Enjoying the pool – shot by idol Wil
Sunset session facing Bicol region

Fuerza San Andres – it is more than 100 steps to get here I suggest you go here early in the morning for exercise lol

Jojo showing you how small this island is
The walls are for #ootd shot – here’s Ivy


The reward

The Town – it’s a small town where the souvenirs, church and school is located.



St. Joseph Cathedral and Belfry


Marble shop








Particulars  Expenses
Bus fare to Batangas Port                177.00
Terminal fee                   30.00
Batangas to Romblon, Romblon via 2go travel             1,174.00
Room accommodation – Lamao beach resort (2 nights)                400.00
Cebupac ticket             1,505.00
Common fund (food, fare, entrance fee etc)             1,700.00
total             4,986.00

We booked our flight back to Manila. We went to Tablas island on our last day to catch our flight back to Manila via Cebu Pacific. For other questions fee free leave comments or visit my Instagram account (@wheresjoanne). Thank you awesome travel mates for the company and stunning pictures. Until our next!




Samar-Eastern Samar-Southern Leyte-Leyte Escapade

Travel period – January 28 to February 01, 2017

Hi guys! It’s time to update my blog. I just came from a recent trip to Samar and Leyte provinces. I actually visited some of the provinces last year but wasn’t able to post. I don’t know I’m just so lazy last year LOL. If you are into PH81 project this blog might give you an idea or at least could help you plan your next travel to Eastern Visayas. Oh by the way I just finished Region 8 yay!


All my flights are cheap, if you are into budget travelling like me, piso (P1) sale is the best way to save money. It’s cheap also if you are travelling with a group. Anyway we booked our tickets last May 2016 and we got it for only P600+ round trip. Once your flight is confirmed, start saving for food, transportation, accommodation etc. Then do some research about the place you are going to visit.


First stop is my 45th province which is Eastern Samar. Honestly, I can’t think of a tourist spot here good thing someone from Instagram followed me, his name is Bryan (@discover_lawaan) he offers tour to the beautiful waterfalls of Lawaan. I contacted him and connect on social media until the day we went there.

How do we got here: ride a van going to Guiuan (Giwan) fare is P160 about two hours travel time. Tell the driver to drop you off Lawaan church. Make sure to contact Bryan (0927-223-4795) in advance for any help you need. He’s very nice and accommodating.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset
Amandaraga Falls photo by @dudeinorange
Pange Falls by @robellejoyce

Trekked for more than a hour to get to Amandaraga Falls, the trail is easy but muddy because it was raining. Make sure you bring extra plastic to protect your gadgets and stuff. Spent an hour  taking pictures then another 30-45 minutes to the second falls – Pange Falls. There are locals when we arrived and caught kiddos cliff diving. I just can’t do that so I just watched them haha.

2017-02-07 01.23.37 1.jpg
Thank you Bryan and Alfred for touring us.


Next stop is Southern Leyte – we could have explored Maasin but there’s no enough time so we decided to visit the tallest bridge in the Philippines the Agas-Agas Bridge in Brgy Kahupian, Sogod.

How do we got here: Went to Duptuors van terminal and took the earliest trip (05:30am) to Maasin, we reserved seats a day before, fare is P180. After almost two hours we alighted Mahaplag crossing and hired a habal-habal going to Agas-Agas bridge. The rate is P200 per person two-way and approximately 45-minutes to one hour travel time. Another activity you could try here is zipline or cable car but it is not operational anymore due to some political reasons.

Here are my friends Wil, Alex and Gary in the habal-habal.

2017-02-07 12.29.22 1.jpg

2017-02-07 12.31.50 1.jpg

Foggy effect that adds drama to the photos

2017-02-07 12.35.40 1.jpg

2017-02-07 01.37.28 1.jpg

2017-02-07 01.32.31 1.jpg

2017-02-07 01.33.34 2.jpg

This bridge height is approximately 292ft. Photo taken by @willianism09
2017-02-07 01.36.02 1.jpg
The birth place of ka-DDS


After spending half day in Agas-Agas bridge, we went back to Mahaplag where we took another van going to Inopacan Leyte. Our itinerary includes island hopping to Cuatro Islas (four islands) in Leyte. The locals are so nice they helped us get a ride direct to Inopacan, fare is P100 each. We had lunch first in a carinderia and proceed to the local tourism of Inopacan where we rented a boat and settled other fees. Boat for overnight is P3,500 plus P60 each for environmental fee and LGU fee.

2017-02-07 02.45.45 1.jpg
How about some dirty ice cream while waiting for the boat? Say Hi to my Jojo

2017-02-08 06.49.49 1.jpg

2017-02-06 08.09.49 2.jpg
First stop is Digyo Island where we stayed overnight. The cottage rate is P500 good for 5-6 persons.

2017-02-08 06.30.25 1.jpg

2017-02-03 08.48.23 3.jpg
Swimmies from Cinderella

Next destination is supposedly Apid island but we opted not to explore the place because nothing much to see plus there’s a community already so expect garbage etc. We then proceed to the third island on the tour – Mahaba Island. It is a private island but you can still go here. We were advised not to stay long so we didn’t really explored the whole area. Please give a donation to the caretaker.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Mahaba Island
2017-02-08 07.22.33 2.jpg
Swimmies from Cinderella
2017-02-08 06.49.46 1.jpg
Bye Mahaba Island

We stayed in the island for like 30 minutes only and went back to the mainland. There’s a public toilet where you can make banlaw – free of charge. After finalizing everything we had a quick lunch and prepared for another van ride going to Palompon. We’re going to another island again and that’s on my next post – Kalanggaman Island.

Special thanks to friends who took my photos. Comment below if you need a copy of the complete itinerary and expenses or message me on Instagram @wheresjoanne




Manuel Uy Resort – Calatagan Batangas

Travel dates: December 29-30, 2016

Here’s a new spot for budget traveler like me who really wants a quick beach escape. I recommend this place to those who love the beach even if you are not swimming, beautiful landscape and of course sunset. Went here before 2016 ended with Niel and new friend Ismael. Budget for this trip is P1,000 to P1,200, the more friends – cheaper!

How to get there: 

  1. Go to van terminal at the back of Metropoint Mall in Pasay, fare is P180 each. Travel time is 3-4 hours depending on the traffic in Tagaytay area.
  2. Get off Calatagan terminal where you can hire a tricycle going to the resort. You may contact Kuya Kiko in advance at 0920-3426812 for a sundo. The rate is P200 good for 3 person. He also offers tent rental for only P400 overnight.
  3. You may buy cooked food in the market or take out in a fast food like we did. You may also bring your own food for overnight stay. In our case we just requested the caretaker to cook instant pancit canton and canned goods for our dinner. You just have to pay for paluto fee. You can also ask for a refill of purified water.
  4. Entrance fee for day tour is P50 while overnight is P100 per head.
  5. You can avail tent in the resort for P500 goof for 3 person only plus P50 pitch fee.
  6. No need to book in advance, the resort is not too crowded. Well for now because it’s not yet peak season.
  7. Optional – island hopping for P150 per head
  8. You may ask the caretaker to avail the electricity or light bulb for P100 and extension cord for your gadgets – P100 also
  9. Expect CR fee and water for banlaw is kinda salty

Sharing our photos

Day 1

2016-12-31 12.54.39 2.jpg

2016-12-30 08.57.42 2.jpg

2016-12-30 09.01.04 1.jpg

2017-01-03 11.34.11 1.jpg

2016-12-30 09.01.03 1.jpg

2016-12-30 09.01.03 2.jpg

2016-12-31 01.13.59 3.jpg

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Woke up to this view – from our tent.

Day 2

2017-01-02 07.06.17 1.jpg


2017-01-02 07.01.52 1.jpg

2017-01-01 08.00.41 1.jpg

2017-01-02 07.05.44 1.jpg

2016-12-31 12.42.08 1.jpg

Enjoy guys – if you have questions feel free to comment. Thank you Niel for taking my photos.


Quick beach fix to Calatagan, Batangas

A random invite from photographer friends to shoot nature or landscape. I just can’t say no to them I had no choice but to go. First plan is to visit Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan Laguna but I insisted to go to the beach instead. Since it’s already eight thirty in the morning the nearest beach for a day tour is Batangas. What we had in mind was Burot Beach so we decided to go the van terminal going to Calatagan, the fare is P180 each. It was a three hour road trip, arrived there almost lunch time. We ordered lasagna, fries and flavored fruit shake.

We then proceed to the tricycle terminal and inquired what are the options since Burot is already closed to public for almost a year now. Manuel Uy Resort was suggested to us. It’s similar to Burot which is a camping site also but cleaner and more organized. They also offer glamping for P3,000 good for 10 pax already. I will share the contacts below but for now take a look of the place. For those who are adventurous and nature lover like  me you will love it here. It’s quiet and very relaxing place. 20161127_134434-01.jpeg

Overlooking Stilts Resort




Arvin in action – taking portrait of Mang Andy, a local in Calatagan
My portrait shot of Mang Andy – how was it? haha Taken from my Samsung S6 🙂
Explored also the other side of the beach where we had photoshoot 😀
Thank you SunSpell Swimwear for my Bikini… I so love it ❤
Had photo shoot here 😀

They offer glamping at P3,000 good for 10 persons or P2k for 4-persons you may contact Ton Uy (nephew) at 0929-323-6976. For dome tent rental, the rate is P500 good for 4-5pax. Bonfire is allowed for P100, you may also avail the use of electricity for only P100. For the food you can buy fresh catch and then paluto of P50. Budget is P1,000 but the more the cheaper, right?

Breakdown of expenses:  Amount 
Van to Calatagan         180.00
Tryk to the resort (RT         100.00
Entrance fee           50.00
Tent (P500 for 4pax)         125.00
Jeep to Lian Batangas           38.00
Bus Lian to Manila         152.00
Island Hopping per head         150.00
Plus food
Total          795.00






Mt. Pinatubo Adventure

I am not really into hiking but I think you should visit Mt. Pinatubo at least once in your lifetime. It is part of our history and should not stop by reading and checking photos on internet – you should see for yourself.

Our group left Nueva Ecija (where we stayed overnight) around 3am and arrived at the tourism office past 5am. We had packed breakfast courtesy of Don Franco’s family, we ate first while waiting for our contact. We had it pre-arranged, the package is P1,500 including 4×4 ride, environmental and guide fee. But wait there’s more, you have to pay another P750.00 entrance fee to Botolan Zambales tourism, there are collectors along the way to the crater – no exemptions.

Sharing our captures to the beautiful crater.

2016-07-23 09.51.18 1.jpg

4×4 ride on the way to trekking area
Who wants Toblerone?

2016-06-06 03.42.41 1.jpg



Start of our trek – this area can no longer accessible by 4×4 truck
Bring your bff or partner if you have
Your tungkod (stick) – it really helps

After more than 3 hours hike here’s the crater – finally!





2016-05-30 08.44.36 1.jpg

Thanks to generous friends who invited us to join this biglaan trip. I never imagined I could reached the crater of Pinatubo lol. It’s one for the books!

Read: P750 entrance fee. You have no choice but pay 😀





Nogas Island, Anini-y Antique

Still part of our Panay Island adventure.

After the Kawa bath in Tibiao Antique we went straight to Sira-an Hot spring where we spent overnight before the island hopping to Nogas Island the following day. Arrived past seven in the evening, checked in and had dinner nearby. Prepared ourselves and props for tomorrow’s photo shoot hehe.

  1. Kalachuchi flower – scientific name is Plumeria Rubra is said to be the flower of the dead. The island is actually full of Kalachuchi tree and is also populated with cats. If you visit please share food with them.

IMG_20161017_184102.jpg2. The Lighthouse – is seen at Sira-an hot spring. It is a restricted area but we courteously asked the caretaker if we can climb even for a few minutes to have pictures. It was beautiful but we only stayed for like 15 minutes. 2016-08-13 04.40.25 1.jpgsnapseed-20.jpegimg_20161017_1848433. Caretaker’s house – he’s the only one on duty here. Imagine life in the island – alone.img_20161017_184350IMG_20161017_184904 (1).jpg4. There’s a balete tree near the lighthouse – we thought it’s a perfect spot to have photo shoot hehe. Caution: paalam muna kayo sa fairy 😀img_20161017_184931-15. Guess who’s the fairy 😀IMG_20161017_185300.jpg6. At the back of the island – there’s a lot of cat here2016-08-13 04.41.42 2.jpgimg_20161017_184450IMG_20161017_184124.jpg7. After our lunch – chillin Processed with VSCO with a4 preset2016-08-13 04.40.24 2.jpgIMG_20161017_190026.jpg

Photo credits to @willianism09.

Expenses each for 7 pax: 

Sira-an Hot Spring accommodation/entrance fee          350.00
Dinner          100.00
Breakfast            95.00
Environmental fee – Nogas Island            25.00
Boat to Nogas Island (P1,500)          214.29
Full tank gas (from Sira-an to Iloilo) – we have service courtesy of Dada our friend from Iloilo            71.43


Kawa bath, Tibiao Antique

Still part of our Panay Island adventure.

Day 3:

After exploring Malalison Island, we went straight to Tibiao to experience the famous Kawa bath. We took bus from Culasi to Tibiao, rented habal-habal (motorcycle) to get to the area. The rate for 30 minutes kawa bath is P200. I think it’s too expensive but since we’re there already we don’t have any option but to try it.

2016-08-21 09.57.39 1.jpg

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Tricycle going to terminal            10.00
Bus fare to Tibiao            50.00
Kawa bath experience          200.00
Habal-habal to Kawa bath (RT)          140.00
Bus fare to Tibiao            20.00
Tricycle to Ceres bus terminal            10.00
Bus fare to San Jose de Buenavista            80.00
Tricycle to bus terminal going to Anini-y            10.00
Snacks            50.00
Bus fare to Anini-y            45.00