Nogas Island, Anini-y Antique

Still part of our Panay Island adventure.

After the Kawa bath in Tibiao Antique we went straight to Sira-an Hot spring where we spent overnight before the island hopping to Nogas Island the following day. Arrived past seven in the evening, checked in and had dinner nearby. Prepared ourselves and props for tomorrow’s photo shoot hehe.

  1. Kalachuchi flower – scientific name is Plumeria Rubra is said to be the flower of the dead. The island is actually full of Kalachuchi tree and is also populated with cats. If you visit please share food with them.

IMG_20161017_184102.jpg2. The Lighthouse – is seen at Sira-an hot spring. It is a restricted area but we courteously asked the caretaker if we can climb even for a few minutes to have pictures. It was beautiful but we only stayed for like 15 minutes. 2016-08-13 04.40.25 1.jpgsnapseed-20.jpegimg_20161017_1848433. Caretaker’s house – he’s the only one on duty here. Imagine life in the island – alone.img_20161017_184350IMG_20161017_184904 (1).jpg4. There’s a balete tree near the lighthouse – we thought it’s a perfect spot to have photo shoot hehe. Caution: paalam muna kayo sa fairy 😀img_20161017_184931-15. Guess who’s the fairy 😀IMG_20161017_185300.jpg6. At the back of the island – there’s a lot of cat here2016-08-13 04.41.42 2.jpgimg_20161017_184450IMG_20161017_184124.jpg7. After our lunch – chillin Processed with VSCO with a4 preset2016-08-13 04.40.24 2.jpgIMG_20161017_190026.jpg

Photo credits to @willianism09.

Expenses each for 7 pax: 

Sira-an Hot Spring accommodation/entrance fee          350.00
Dinner          100.00
Breakfast            95.00
Environmental fee – Nogas Island            25.00
Boat to Nogas Island (P1,500)          214.29
Full tank gas (from Sira-an to Iloilo) – we have service courtesy of Dada our friend from Iloilo            71.43



Kawa bath, Tibiao Antique

Still part of our Panay Island adventure.

Day 3:

After exploring Malalison Island, we went straight to Tibiao to experience the famous Kawa bath. We took bus from Culasi to Tibiao, rented habal-habal (motorcycle) to get to the area. The rate for 30 minutes kawa bath is P200. I think it’s too expensive but since we’re there already we don’t have any option but to try it.

2016-08-21 09.57.39 1.jpg

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Tricycle going to terminal            10.00
Bus fare to Tibiao            50.00
Kawa bath experience          200.00
Habal-habal to Kawa bath (RT)          140.00
Bus fare to Tibiao            20.00
Tricycle to Ceres bus terminal            10.00
Bus fare to San Jose de Buenavista            80.00
Tricycle to bus terminal going to Anini-y            10.00
Snacks            50.00
Bus fare to Anini-y            45.00

Malalison Island, Antique

Our next destination after Capiz is this beautiful island in Culasi Antique. Arrived in the town of Culasi around 6:30 pm. We’re actually late because we stopped at Jawili Aklan for  a quick falls and sunset photo op. Anyway, we had our dinner at the carinderia since we don’t have food reservations in the island. Manong bangkero is waiting for us since five in the afternoon to get through the island before sunset. I actually don’t have idea that the boat ride here is going to be my most unforgettable one. Find out why 😉

The Batanes of the Visayas – woke up so early for a morning trek to this famous spot in the island. Not really fond of climbing mountains but this one is just “pabebe” climb and I’m here already might as well explore the place.

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20151128_071334-01.jpegThere are goats and other animals so I fed them 😀 This is at the back side of the island can you spot the Nablag Islet?

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2016-08-13 09.40.16 1.jpg

Photo Ops with friends WNC_9494-01.jpeg

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2016-09-21 06.47.08 1.jpg

After hiking, we went to the sandbar and explore the pristine clear water of the island.







2016-08-15 07.09.31 1.jpg

2016-08-15 07.09.30 1 (1).jpg

2016-07-28 06.08.08 1.jpg


2016-09-21 06.47.07 1.jpg

Travel date is November 28, 2015 (Amihan period). Left the island after our lunch and will surely come back when the waves are flat. Best time to go is summer I think. Photo credits to the following igers, check out their instagram for more travel photos. IG name: @willianism09 @imalexxe @herescape_ and my account @wheresjoanne ❤ Thank you for reading.

Expenses per pax:

Tricycle from Baybay Roxas to Kalibo            45.00
Van to Kalibo          120.00
Van to Culasi port, rented a van for P2,000 (divide 7)          285.00
Dinner at Carinderia            60.00
Beer            60.00
Entrance fee            10.00
Room accommodation and foods          335.00
Boat round trip (P1,500)          215.00
Tip P250 (divide by 7)            35.00