Rizal Shrine, Dapitan City

Hi guys, as promise to be more active and masipag. Here’s another blog during our recent trip to Zamboanga del Norte last February 24, 2018. To get here, from Dipolog terminal take a mini-bus going to Dapitan City and tell the driver/conductor that you’re going to Rizal Shrine and they’ll be glad to assist you.


Map for your guide
Bilog na bahay


Square House
Rizal Museum
Casitas de Salud
Century old tree that Rizal planted



It was just a short visit about an hour or two then we went to Gloria’s Fantasyland which is near this place. Here is our expenses, it really depends on your lifestyle from the food you eat to your choice of transportation. Hope this helps.


Rizal Shrine, Dapitan City
Tryk to Dipolog terminal from hostel             8.00
Bus to Dapitan (Ordinary)          20.00
Tryk to Rizal Shrine          40.00
Entrance at Rizal Shrine – FREE  –
Tryk to Gloria’s Fanstasyland          40.00
Entrance to Gloria’s – FREE  –
Dinner (depends on your budget)  –
Tryk to terminal going back to Dipolog          40.00
Tryk going back to Dipolog / Hostel
(it’s already past 11pm, we opted to take a tricycle for P150 for 3 pax)          50.00
Total         198.00



Sisiman Bay – Mariveles Bataan

Hello guysh! I’ve been to Bataan for nth times already but in Bagac area only especially Stella Mariz Resort (our favorite beach near Manila). After taking vitamin sea there we went straight to Sisiman Bay in Mariveles Bataan to catch the sunset the following day. We got here via car sorry I don’t know how if commute but there are detailed blogs going here.

Here are the photos of our trip. Credits to our photographer friends, it looked like taken in the other country sabi sa IG comments ^__^






ptroz2103-2018-12076303650563099.jpeg2303-2018-065840073694521487.jpeg2303-2018-064240057472800656.jpegdav2303-2018-075540987943148431.jpegsdrptrIf you are looking for a quick weekend getaway near Manila I would suggest an overnight beach camping in Bagac and then the following day head to Sisiman Port in Mariveles Bataan. If you are adventurous enough you can also do trekking there. No entrance fee and you can do pictorial without payment. There are kids that would offer their service to be your guide but actually you don’t need one. It’s so accessible from the parking area, maybe you can ask one of the kids to check out your car for safety reason. Check out my post on Instagram for more travel pictures. Thank you guysh I’ll try to post more. xoxo







Back to School Party (For Alex and Sam)

Some of the things that we missed during childhood is to celebrate birthday at school so I organized a #BackToSchool birthday theme for my good friends Alex and Sam who both celebrated their birthday this July. Originally the plan was a slumber party but something’s came up so we changed the theme a week before. It’s one of the things I really enjoyed doing – organizing an event slash party so I’m thankful to my friends who trusted me.

Location was Primemont Science School – a private school in Marikina where Sam also teaches preschool kids. We used their room for our venue, it was perfect for the theme. Here are the pictures taken – credits to William and Sam, I just did minimal editing thru VSCO app.


I prepared for cupcakes with toppers that are suited to the theme. Example for this occasion I chose alphabet toppers – I just googled printable toppers and then cut it one by one. There are available cupcake toppers in the market but mostly for children’s party like fairy tale or superhero theme. I prefer personalize stuff like this. I used whattatops cupcakes here or you can also make one with frosting – it’s really up to you. This party is budget friendly. I also printed their picture as topper – see below picture. Sam and Alex were really surprised and they loved it!

2017-07-19 05.47.40 1.jpg
Happy birthday Alex!

2017-07-19 06.24.04 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.24.05 1.jpg

Next is the DIY candy corner, bought candies that we used to eat during our childhood days, these are still available up to now in the market. How nice it is, it brings back the memories! Do you agree?

2017-07-19 05.56.06 1.jpg
Only 80’s kids know these foods 😀

DIY photo booth – Sam prepared colorful crepe paper as backdrop then we brought props like shades and headband. Of course we have Instax too by Emzi.

2017-07-19 06.20.29 1.jpg


Classroom set up – I forgot to take picture because I’m so busy with other stuff but this is how the room looks like. We have tables and chairs (for kids) with small balloons.

2017-07-19 06.37.19 1.jpg

Games – we played #Guesstures we asked them to group into two. It’s like charades guys and of course another game was #BringMe we listed 10 items can be found in the room and gave them 2 minutes to complete them all. Btw Emzi and I hosted the program.

2017-07-19 06.43.46 1.jpg

Lunch – our foods were prepared by the celebrant and cakes were from KO, Brian and Flip

2017-07-19 06.34.49 1.jpg

Outfit – asked them to come with their school uniform. Meet the students

2017-07-17 02.17.22 1 (1).jpg

2017-07-19 06.24.03 1.jpg

2017-07-17 06.33.44 1.jpg


2017-07-17 09.49.13 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.03.20 1.jpg

2017-07-17 06.35.05 1.jpg

Class Picture.jpg
Class Picture ❤

2017-07-19 06.35.32 1.jpg

2017-07-19 06.21.04 1.jpg
Happy birthday Sam and Alex from your IG family!

Thank you to these people who made the event possible. Thank you your time until our next celebration of life and friendship. xoxo


Celebrants: Alex and Sam

Date held: July 16, 2017

Venue: Primemont Science School, Parang Marikina

Guests: William, Gary, Gapz, Yoyce, Ivy, Emzi, Ron Villablanca, Lenz, Karl Olivier, Brian, Flip and Ron Marasigan, Daryl, Ken and me of course 😉












Coachella Themed birthday for Gary

Posting photos of our last visit at our favorite beach destination near Manila – Stella Mariz Resort in Bagac Bataan. it’s actually our 4th time here, this time was to celebrate Dude’s birthday. Pictures taken by William (IG: @willianism09) using iPhone 7, my edit.

Note: Competitive kami sa pictorial so dapat ready sa theme lol. Here we go….

2017-05-30 08.18.12 1.jpg
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
2017-06-09 12.28.50 1.jpg
2017-06-09 12.25.48 2.jpg
2017-06-09 12.28.51 1.jpg
2017-06-09 12.25.51 1.jpg
2017-06-09 12.28.51 3.jpg
2017-06-09 12.25.52 2.jpg
Me again
2017-06-09 12.25.49 1.jpg
2017-06-03 07.18.39 2.jpg
Boho Chic
2017-06-09 12.28.52 1.jpg
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


2017-06-09 12.25.54 2.jpg
Sibling goal
2017-06-09 12.25.53 2.jpg
His & Her Fierceness
2017-06-03 09.08.29 4.jpg
Happiness ❤
2017-06-09 01.01.10 1.jpg
We take pictures seriously 😀
2017-06-09 01.03.47 1.jpg
Happy birthday Gary! The cake all the way from Manila 😀
2017-06-09 12.28.51 2.jpg
Sorry for posting your picture without permission haha



Romblon – The Marble Capital of the Philippines

Romblon is known as the marble capital of the Philippines. It is composed of three islands -Tablas Island the largest, Sibuyan Island where the Mt. Guiting Guiting is found and the smallest island the Romblon Romblon. I have completely visited MIMAROPA or Region 4-B (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan) yey!

How we got there:

We planned this trip last January and set the date to March 25-27. We took 2go travel going to Romblon, Romblon, please check the schedule here http://travel.2go.com.ph/index.asp The prices vary on the type of accommodation. We got the cheapest one, the super value class (non aircon, no meal but with insurance) since it’s just an overnight trip from 10pm to 6am only.

We left Buendia Pasay terminal (via Ceres transport) at 2pm going to Batangas port, travel time is 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. Paid for terminal fee and ate the famous Batangas lomi while waiting for boarding at the back of departure area or terminal. You can ask around where it is located. You have to be at the port 3 hours before departure time. We then checked in and waited to be called for boarding.  We left Batangas port at exactly 10pm, here is our humble accommodation. Free linen but you have to ask for it just show your ticket and ID.


Nice diba?
Mandatory turista group shot using iPhone 7 plus! 

Kuya Dan fetched us in the port and took us to our resort 30 minutes away from the town. It was a quiet and relaxing place recommended by our friend Juniel who went there before us. The accommodation is P1,200 per night (kubo, fan room without breakfast) and guess what we are six in the group and got only one room lol.

Lamao Beach Resort – you may contact Ate Gina the caretaker at 0948-4138079 to reserve a room and contact driver for the tour and hatid-sundo. The staffs are very warm and accommodating, we were treated like princes and princesses. Highly recommended!

Lamao Beach Resort
The cheapest resort accommodation I had plus the magnificent view
So relaxing here
Oh how I miss this place ❤
Sunset is always beautiful wherever you are

Tiamban Beach – there’s an entrance fee of P40 for adults. We asked Ate Gina to prepare for our lunch here.

My cute Jojo – he loves to travel like me. Romblon is his 6th province since he arrived in the Phils how cool is that? hahaha
Tiamban beach 
Photo credits to idol Wil (IG: @willianism09)
On the way to Bonbon Beach – here’s my friend Ivy (IG: @herescape_) posing hehe
Paradise ❤
Can’t help falling in love ❤

Bonbon Beach – the easiest way to get here is already closed because it is private property so we had to go to Tiamban Beach and walk all the way here. It was all worth it the beach and sandbar is very beautiful and crystal clear water.

Photo by idol Wil
The sandbar  by idol wil ❤
Photo by Idol Wil 
IMG_5326 (1)-01.jpeg
Mandatory groupie shot by Kuya Dan our guide

Meanwhile, back in the resort.

Gopro shot by Idol Wil
Enjoying the pool – shot by idol Wil
Sunset session facing Bicol region

Fuerza San Andres – it is more than 100 steps to get here I suggest you go here early in the morning for exercise lol

Jojo showing you how small this island is
The walls are for #ootd shot – here’s Ivy


The reward

The Town – it’s a small town where the souvenirs, church and school is located.



St. Joseph Cathedral and Belfry


Marble shop








Particulars  Expenses
Bus fare to Batangas Port                177.00
Terminal fee                   30.00
Batangas to Romblon, Romblon via 2go travel             1,174.00
Room accommodation – Lamao beach resort (2 nights)                400.00
Cebupac ticket             1,505.00
Common fund (food, fare, entrance fee etc)             1,700.00
total             4,986.00

We booked our flight back to Manila. We went to Tablas island on our last day to catch our flight back to Manila via Cebu Pacific. For other questions fee free leave comments or visit my Instagram account (@wheresjoanne). Thank you awesome travel mates for the company and stunning pictures. Until our next!